Truck and Tractor Pulls

Thursday, August 22nd 4:00 PM  
  Stock, Classic & Open Tractor Pull
1959 & older, 2 sleds, 11,000# King of the Village, Details: (605) 940-6666
Friday, August 23rd 6:00 PM  
  Great Plains Season Championship

Must be registered 24 hrs prior (605) 360-0396

Saturday, August 24th 6:00 PM  
  Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Association

Sunday, August 25th 11:00 AM  
  Exhibitor Tractor Pull
1938 and older, steel and rubber 1939-1957, steel and rubber, no weights, 1 hook per tractor
Garden Tractor Pull


Tractor pulls at Prairie Village, South Dakota 2019