Prairie Village News 9/5/17

Faron Wahl, Manager

Time flies when you’re having fun. It also flies when you’re crazy busy. Between the two, it’s no wonder the season zoomed by so swiftly for us here at Prairie Village.

It’s quite hard to believe it’s time to close the main village for the season. It seems like just days ago I was cradling a crisp, new American flag in my arms while Haley secured the rope clips and raised it proudly in front of the gift shop, signifying the first hour of opening day. We were barely out of April at that point, and here it is September.

Months of work led to that opener, and so much has transpired since. Well more goes into driving this whole organization today than what’s visible, and that unseen portion is growing. After all, not so many years ago the village had a skeleton staff at most, and the lion’s share of the operation which occurred back then was just handled by throngs of good-hearted volunteers.

We still enlist the help of our beloved volunteers, and frankly, we couldn’t possibly do without them. They are key support, and we are deeply thankful for them. But our growth has dictated that the Prairie Village of today must be driven by hired staff who are brought on board for the single purpose of pulling it all together, committed to working here day in and day out. And when the seasonal staff phase down for the fall and winter, know that your manager keeps rolling straight through into the spring to prepare for next season’s unfurling.

Before that planning gets underway in earnest, there is plenty of work to do winding the current season down. Additional fall work on the grounds will be taking place, as we capitalize on the slower pace to accomplish some projects that are tough to squeeze in amidst the daily busyness of the main season.

And there’ll be more for you to enjoy here this fall as well, even with the primary village shut down. The Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pull that was rained out during Jamboree was rescheduled for Friday, September 15 at 7:00 pm. We anticipate many eager fans joining us for a great evening of pulling.

On Saturday, September 16, we’ll welcome back Joseph Hall and his “Elvis Rock ‘n’ Remember” tribute in the Opera House. Hall gained national fame after placing in the top ten of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, and then went on to earn coveted accolades in Branson, Missouri. He so impressed our crowd last fall, we’re bringing him back. Concert tickets are required for admission, and they can be reserved by calling 256-3644 or 480-2633.

Our annual pumpkin train continues to grow in regional popularity, and it’s return on October 7 promises great fun for kids riding the train to the pumpkin patch. We’ll offer food at the depot during the event, and those young folks will enjoy the engaging musical fun of Phil Baker on the grounds. Learn all about that big day at

There’s plenty going on this fall, but when winter finally does blow in, we’ll keep the fire lit here for you until next season. I want to thank our countless supporters, volunteers, and promoters for playing such key roles in the continued essential offerings of Prairie Village. And to our staff: you made me incredibly proud. Your dedication to preserving pioneer history and kindly serving the people who join us in that venture has been exemplary.

See you all soon!