Prairie Village News – 6/12/18

Faron Wahl, Manager.

Now and then you see or hear something which, without warning, propels you back to an earlier time. Often, it’s music, which sets up camp in your memory vault and then reverberates so strongly that it commandeers all your senses back to a period or place you forgot you loved so much.

Depending on your age, any number of music genres could do the trick. But the classic sounds of the 50’s tend to capture many of us more deeply than that of other decades. A significant number of our village crowd can identify very personally with this era of music.

We have just the recipe to transport you back in time, to this musical period punctuated by artists’ names that seem to never fade away. The Holy Rocka Rollaz with be playing our Opera House Saturday night, June 16 at 7:00 pm, and they’ll take you there.

We’re talking about a great era of music here – one which so impelled people to get up and move that it was responsible for spawning dances such as “the Twist”, which itself subsequently spun off additional new steps in the early 60’s. The “Mashed Potato” and the “Funky Chicken” wouldn’t have come to be, were it not for 50’s music that put some earlier moves into play.

This talented trio headed our way – Mark, Lisa, and Matt – will very capably shift time on you, lifting you out of your present-day shell and pervading you with a cascade of hit sounds from the past that’ll make you want to get up and dance. And you may.

The Holy Rocka Rollaz are making an encore appearance, having performed at Prairie Village last summer for the first time. During the previous visit, their legitimate musical sound caused me to realize how many hits from the Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, and Patsy Cline era I didn’t even realized I loved.

And many other folks reported the same. A couple of dozen concert-goers leaving last year’s show sought us out specifically to report how much they loved the it….and pressed further to inquire if we would consider bringing the group back a second year. We listened.

They not only bring authentic sound, but also a capturing stage presence that reels you in from the first selection. Clearly, they love performing, but more importantly doing so with a genuineness and respect for the history and talent of the original artists they emulate.

Sitting in a comfy seat in our climate-controlled Opera House while your senses are permeated with 50’s rock ‘n roll and rockabilly classics makes time hustle by. Your biggest concern will be that the show might eventually end.

You’ve got to take this one in. Come join us Saturday night for a performance that won’t disappoint. As with all concerts, season passes don’t apply, but tickets prices are only $20 and $25 – a very family-friendly fee to match a trio with those same qualities. You can call to reserve your seats at 256-3644 or buy any seats still available that night at the door.

And dancing is allowed.