Prairie Village News 8/23/16

      When a person anticipates all year the return of a favorite annual event, it seems like an eternity before the calendar finally rolls around to it. For so many of you who wait expectantly for the return of the Steam Threshing Jamboree at Prairie Village, it’s once again your time.
      Judging by the steady stream of campers, tractors and implements moving onto the grounds, as well as the upbeat faces of the folks piloting them in here, I’d say the excitement is on.
      Much equipment is already in place, with rows of tractors growing steadily by the hour. During this event you’ll see equipment from decades of the past displayed and demonstrated. Take in a bit of what it was like to thresh grain, put logs through a saw mill, or plow by means of the truest, original form of horsepower: horses.
      And if you’d rather sit back and watch it all go by, enjoy several daily parades down our historic Main Street.
     Our railroad will be running steadily, including under steam power Friday and Saturday, allowing passengers a circumferential view of the whole exposition throughout each day. Railroad equipment demonstrations and tours will offer an insider’s view of the mode of transportation which chiefly caused the settlement of villages such as ours.
      Entertainment will be plentiful, with groups of various styles and genres performing in the Opera House Friday through Sunday. If tractor pulling opens your throttle, we’ve got four of those to offer you. Join us for church services Sunday both in the historic Junius Church at 8 a.m. as well as in the Chapel Car Emmanuel at 10 a.m.
      You can ride the carousel, browse a massive flea market and munch on food as you take in your favorite event. Or simply spend the day wandering the village, watching others watch the action and the resulting delight on their faces, both young and old.
      No matter how you choose to experience it all, or what your preferred angle might be, there’s much fun to be had for hours on end. All of the details are available at
      Come on out and experience with us South Dakota’s colorful agricultural heritage during Jamboree 2016. We look forward to having you with us!