Prairie Village News 8/20/2015

Stan Rauch, Manager

Jamboree campers will be coming in this weekend and continuing throughout next week. We encourage early placement of the camping units in their reserved spots, and in the non-electrical camping area also. This Saturday starting at 9:00 a.m., and through the Jamboree, the northeast main gate will be open and the gift shop gate will be closed.

We continue to take reservations for the popular dinner trains. A four course meal will be catered by Dakota State University Dining Services on Friday and Saturday evenings, August 28 and 29. Reservations are required and tickets are $25 single, $40 a couple, and $14 age 12 and under. Call us at 256-3644 or e-mail to make reservations.

No person is permitted to operate a motor vehicle on the Prairie Village grounds unless they are licensed and at least 16 years old – with one exception. Those younger than 16 who have already or will complete the youth vehicle safety class at the Jamboree can drive tractors in the parades and at the tractor pull ONLY. Young driver training classes will be held at 9:00 a.m. on both Friday and Saturday of the Jamboree at the east end of machinery row, just south of the electric museum.

We have a need for people mover tractor drivers to transport people from the east parking area to the admission gates. Please contact Travis Voeltz at 480-2322 if you would like to assist with this.

Golf cart rental is available through NB Golf Cars of Hendricks, MN and reservations can be made by contacting them at 507-275-3564. There is a $20 Prairie Village registration fee for all golf carts and side by sides.

We have a fundraiser in progress to raise $10,000 for new playground equipment to be installed in the Hyland School area. There is a donation box in the lobby of the opera house and there will be a promotional display in the Hyland School/carousel area during the Jamboree. Having playground equipment as a highly desirable addition to the village was brought forth by many of our campers.

Another important fundraiser is being conducted by the railroad committee. A great bunch of items will be raffled with the proceeds going to the preservation of the carousel.

Don’t forget to visit the railroad roundhouse during the Jamboree. There are lots of interesting things to see such as the locomotives, pump and hand powered rail inspection cars, model train displays, and rides on a 1/8 scale train for the kids.

The Jamboree schedule of events and other related information can be found on our website at, or it can be picked up at the gift shop. The 53rd Annual Steam Threshing Jamboree t-shirts and totally new Prairie Village t-shirts are also available at the gift shop.