Prairie Village News 8/16/16

Faron Wahl, Manager

The great Massey folks are going to be front and center with us this year, as we’re hosting the Massey Expo of North America during our Steam Threshing Jamboree. They’ve been pulling the details together on their part of this show for a long time now, and it’ll be fun to see the Massey lineage of such great agricultural relevance showcased.

Of course, the feature tractor isn’t the only brand on parade during Jamboree. A whole array of colors and logos will show up at this dance, strutting their best for a few historic days of summer. Folks who hold a deep love for period tractors and equipment will be in their element as they wander our grounds, whether to focus their attention mostly on the color of their liking, or more largely to contemplate the myriad farm equipment companies from the past century-plus who provided the equipment to literally feed us and our ancestors.

The varied colors of equipment that’ll be on hand at the Village are a sight to behold. If you have a deep penchant for that one particular color, come on out and look for it. You can bet there’ll be someone here who sings the same song. Unlike in the everyday world, a color isn’t just a color when you’re talking farm equipment companies with folks who are truly in the know. The glasses through which they see the world have a specific tint to the lenses. For example:

Variants of orange are found everywhere around us: the fruit bearing the color’s name, the Rapid City, Pierre, and Eastern Railway, as well as the Denver Broncos. But ask a die-hard Allis-Chalmers owner the significance of the color orange, and the conversation will take you one direction only. Many of the population who speak the orange equipment language fluently will be on hand next year for Jamboree 2017, where the feature tractor will be Allis.

Same goes for yellow. It doesn’t matter if you’re into sunflowers, corn on the cob, or lemon pie – ask a Minneapolis Moline guy to name something yellow and you’ll only get one answer. We look forward to seeing lots of these folks here for Jamboree 2018, when we’ll host the Minneapolis Moline National Show.

Regardless your favorite, we hope you’ll join us for the 54th annual Jamboree next week. We’re honored to be welcoming the Massey folks from around the U.S. and Canada, and we look forward to having you with as well. If you’ve reserved a campsite, bring your camper out anytime starting Saturday morning, August 20. The same applies if you’re planning to camp in our dry lot area. Our gift shop entrance will close Saturday morning and we’ll begin bringing all Jamboree traffic through our northeast gate from that point on.

See you at the Jamboree!