Prairie Village News 7/19/16

Faron Wahl, Manager

The calendar says July is already down to its final two weeks. Additionally, Jamboree-related inquiries are suddenly coming my way several times daily. But for me, nothing put a fine point on the imminence of Jamboree 2016 like seeing a combine roll through our wheat fields this past weekend.

In the cycle of crop farming, no other marker establishes an inner sense of the current time of year like harvest. While beans, sunflowers, and corn place your consciousness in varying positions post-school start, wheat harvest in much of South Dakota says late July to one’s senses of monthly passage.

Of course, all of our wheat didn’t get combined. The whole idea is to have a stand of wheat ready to bind in preparation for our Steam Threshing Jamboree, and we’re in fabulous shape for that. Our wheat crop has been looking good all summer, and initial yield reports this weekend backed that up. But even a huge extended weekend of threshing demonstrations simply won’t gobble up nearly 70 standing acres of spring wheat, so combining off a share of it not only cuts down to size what we’ll need for the exposition, but it also opens up the field so that some of the prime areas are ready for the binder.

In keeping with my promise to our gift shop gals earlier in the summer, we’ve been taking field trips regularly to check on our wheat as it has matured. We’ve had great fun watching this crop from the early stages where it appeared as low, lush grass to its estate last week fully headed and golden in color.

Last Thursday’s trip yielded the opportunity to shell out some kernels and bite into a few, experiencing the “pop” that signified a wheat moisture percentage getting down close to safe bin storage levels. It’s also a must-do just to experience the Midwestern sight and sound of millions of bearded heads of wheat waving gently in the breeze. And as has been the case on each of our field trips, a comparison photo was taken, for posterity if nothing else.

At any rate, our wheat is mature and the acres delegated for binding stand open and ready to provide the bedrock for a coming festival of grand proportions. Our 54th annual Jamboree, coupled with the Massey Expo of North America, looks to provide a celebration of our rural past that’ll be truly tough to beat.

But well before our foundational event arrives in late August, we’ll be offering a couple of other key shows. The Opera House will play host to Nashville recording artist Doug Allen Nash and RFD-TV star Penny Gilley on Saturday, July 30. Tickets are available for both the 7:00 and 9:00 shows. As season passes do not apply to ticketed concert events, call us at 256-3644 to reserve your seats now! And Sunday, August 7 we’ll offer the 23rd annual Madison car show. This will be a fun and relaxing way to spend part of your day while perusing the fine touch efforts of classic car owners from the region.

There’s plenty of summer left at Prairie Village, plus a September Opera House announcement coming soon and our pumpkin train scheduled for Oct. 1. We hope you’ll mark your calendars to join us!