Prairie Village News 6/21/16

Faron Wahl, Manager

You sweat. We listened.

A couple of weekends ago, a number of good folks camping with us in our “north trees” had an experience less desirable than what I would expect we’d give them. Smack in the middle of our first triple-digit heat index of the summer an old power problem bit us, leaving some people flat without air conditioning and others cycling theirs on and off for the sake of a neighbor in greater need of it.

Certainly the root of this situation wasn’t born overnight. Keep in mind the Village wasn’t originally a campground around which a historic preservation site grew. The direct opposite is true. And therein lies a dotted pattern of how campsites and power pedestals were sporadically added over the years.

For the lion’s share of the Village’s history, total camping here amounted to a small handful doing it only out of raw convenience. Over the years a power post was added here, then a few more over there. They were installed as needs arose, and necessity being the mother of invention, placement was figured based on what it took to solve that particular shortage.

Fast forward to 2016, when camping reservations were rolling in already in March beyond our ability to keep up. Now several populated weekends, plus August heat in June, equals a solution that must be plotted. I met with board members, and after a week of walk-throughs, mapping, power measurements, and various discussions with Bob’s Electric and Sioux Valley Energy, the board approved a plan to make significant electrical upgrades to this sector of our camping map.

My biggest concern with this project lies in honoring what’s already on the reservation grid during the interim. Thanks to Mike, our trusty electrician who has literally shown up on a moment’s notice all week with answers to everything we threw at him, we hope to see this through to completion prior to our 50th anniversary celebration July 9.

Your perspiration was indeed our inspiration.

On a more serious note, it has become apparent that as this power section of our grounds has hiccupped in recent history, some individuals have taken it upon themselves to make unauthorized changes to suit their immediate needs. Just one example was a caller last week who happened to mention that her husband has on various occasions changed out an electrical breaker of ours with one he brings along from home while camping with us. Whatever it took to beat the system and ensure their personal power stayed on. Really? Anyone with common sense will see my point here – tampering with electrical infrastructure on private property amounts to vandalism. It’s uncontrolled, unsafe, and won’t be tolerated. My response to such a situation will be to dismiss the involved individual from our property. End of story.

Back to the lighter side, our growing variety show will be Sunday night, June 26 in the Lawrence Welk Opera House. A number of fun acts are booked, making this a great way to relax and enjoy a summer evening at the Village. Season passes are honored, or admission at the door is $6.00 for adults, $2.00 for ages 6-12, with ages 5 and under free. Come out and spend a great evening with us!

And by the way….the Opera House is now air conditioned!