Prairie Village News 6/11/19

Faron Wahl, Manager.

We’re at that steady point in the season when we’ve got lots going on here, including events every weekend. This coming one is no exception, and frankly, I can’t wait!

Our summer concert series kicks off this Saturday night, June 15, with the Abbey Road Band. We generally seek to bring back one act from the past summer to be featured with two new ones, and Abbey Road got the nod to be our returnee this year. Let me tell you, they are worthy of this charge.

Of those who attended this group’s performance last season, I can’t say what everyone’s sentiments were as they entered our Opera House doors. But I can tell you how they felt as they exited, because so many of them made a point of saying so. They were keyed up. The single downside to any remarks was only a general lamentation that the evening had to come to an end. Had the band kept playing, the crowd would clearly have stayed put – for who knows how long.

For those who haven’t heard these guys before, their name is, as you might assume, a direct reference to the Beatles. They are a full-on tribute band with one focus: re-creating the sounds of the Fab Four with incredible fidelity. So much so that they make followers out of Beatles fans and non-Beatles fans alike.

Like me, for instance. Even as a person who enjoys a pretty wide swath of musical genres, for much of my life I didn’t listen to anything by the Beatles, who are considered among the most influential music groups in history. I simply never paid much attention to their hits, even though they are played regularly across the country to this day. That is, until I heard Abbey Road perform live.

There’s something powerful and permeating about live music, particularly when it’s performed to a high caliber. It tunnels into a person and causes one to pause and listen almost without thinking about it. I found myself glued to their sound, and I’ve loved it ever since.

And don’t forget, our Concert Series Prize Package is fully in play, with every ticket you purchase applying to your qualifying total. One simply needs to purchase a pair of tickets to each of our three concerts, or else a total of six to any combination of them. This is all it takes to get yourself entered, and the winnings amount to a real haul.

One name will be drawn by country artist Jason Brown during intermission of his July 20 concert. I listed the entire package contents a couple of columns ago, but just a few of the items included are season passes, free camping or local lodging, free concert tickets, logo wear and other PV merchandise, plus several other items with a total value of $400-$500. And that doesn’t include your personal, exclusive parking space during Jamboree 2019!

You can’t win if you don’t enter – and entering is as simple as getting your tickets to our upcoming concerts. Remember, if you can’t come to one of them, you can purchase seats to one or two of the others that would still qualify you. We’ve made it easy to get entered – and doing so will mean you’ll be enjoying musical performances here in the meantime!

Your first step? Pick up some tickets for Saturday’s Abbey Road performance. It will be such a great evening, one way or another you simply won’t lose!