Prairie Village News 5/31/16

Faron Wahl, Manager

We’re pretty traditional here in South Dakota. While edgy trends punctuate the U.S. coastlines, we folks of the Plains hold closer to time-honored values.

This is evident in the essence of all things celebrated at Prairie Village, including our Miss Prairie Village and Miss Prairie Princess Pageant coming up this Sunday, June 5.

Matching the age of the Village, this year marks the 50th consecutive year we’ve honored a Miss Prairie Village. Miss Prairie Princess, for the younger gals, has been part of the pageant since 1996.

Fortunately for all of these girls, Bev Mader has continued pouring hours of work and care into spearheading this annual contest aimed at developing skills the contestants will brandish usefully for years. It’s an event truly worth keeping.

One would hope all such events would focus on the growth of true life competencies, in categories such as personal and on-stage interviews, talent, and lifestyle and fitness – the way it’s done at the Village. But our society have evolved such that nearly every cause, critter, and vegetable out there has its own pageant. Consider a sampling:

Gilroy, California holds their beloved Miss Garlic contest annually. Apparently they actually locate contestants for this. One might imagine a Miss Mouthwash pageant could catch on quickly if held later the same day.

In Arkansas you can still find the Miss Drumsticks Pageant, wherein contestants are judged only by their legs as each hides their upper body behind a big picture of a turkey. It’s all part of their annual Turkey Trot Festival. Really.

I’m way too busy to sit around making this stuff up.

If that doesn’t cover the bases, how about the Miss Catfish contest in Belzoni, MS? And while you’re traveling the pageant circuit, a short 650 mile jaunt west of there will allow you to take in the always popular Miss Snake Charmer Pageant in Sweetwater, TX. I’m not kidding here.

Overseas, you’ve got Miss Russian Army, aimed at showing the female face of the Russian military bogged down by public perception of their national draft. In the same global region you’ll find the Miss Atom Pageant, promoting nuclear related fields in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

And if people pageants aren’t enough, there’s always the Loveliest Camel contest across the drink over in Abu Dhabi. Yes, there are millions of dollars and vehicles given out as prizes for this. And yes, I’m serious.

I’m not saying every one of these is washed up in terms of true content (although Miss Drumsticks raises serious questions). But what will take place Sunday night in the Opera House here is a Village tradition that still gets it right. Some honest to goodness hard work and fun, textured with lessons in kind self-confidence and poise. Well worth it.

So come on out and show your support for these young ladies Sunday night. Admission is only $6.00 or a punch on your season pass. Doors open at 6:30 for the actual affair at 7:00. No snake charming, garlic chomping, or turkey costumes.

And you’ll have to check your camel at the door.