Prairie Village News 5/30/17

Faron Wahl, Manager

It takes dozens of behind-the-scenes details, organized methodically, to keep a place like Prairie Village humming. Nestled within those details are a few critical items such as funding and infrastructure, along with copious quantities of communication. And good people.

There would never be space in a weekly column to touch on every person who adds value to Prairie Village within their various duties, large and small. But from time to time it’s important to make note of some of the people at the core, both those just starting out in their roles and others bringing theirs to a close. Six such individuals are on this week’s list.

Several of our staff positions are by nature seasonal, which will always mean some yearly possibility of seeing employees move on to other positions. One of my goals as manager is to reduce this attrition as much as feasible, because a solid core of retained, knowledgeable staff are fundamentally key to an operation such as ours. Coming into 2017, we were able to bring back all but two from last year.

Adding to our returning staff for the new season, we welcomed a pair of new faces to the Prairie Village roster. Patricia and Ellen came on board recently, and both jumped in demonstrating an immediate ability to mesh with other staff and our overall operation. The details to be learned in their positions are far more numerous than meet the public eye, but both gals have embraced quick learning, eagerness to work, and a genuine, friendly approach to our guests (I can’t stress that last one enough). We’re so very glad they’ve joined us.

The annual Prairie Village pageant is coming up Sunday evening in the opera house. The crowning of a Miss Prairie Village dates to our founding in 1966, with Miss Prairie Princess added to the mix in 1996. This event fosters worthy life skills such as public speaking and self-confidence in the contestants.

Much planning and preparation goes into an event of this sort, and it all starts well before most would be thinking about it. For some combination of 16 years each, Donna Mathison and Bev Mader have coordinated, raised funds, judged, and finally served as principal leadership for the pageant.

Both Bev and Donna determined that 2017 would be their final year leading this major annual village tradition. Prairie Village, as well as countless young ladies (many of whom have long since become adults) owe Donna and Bev a debt of gratitude for their years of hard work and dedication.

With camping families visiting in droves during big weekends, plus a regular stream of campers joining us steadily throughout the entire season, the concept of utilizing a campground host moved quickly from concept to necessity just a couple of years back. Due to a late family circumstance that couldn’t be helped, our previous host had to suddenly leave us just prior to our opening this spring.

About a week ago we filled this key spot with our new host and hostess, Don and Cheryl from Huron. They moved in just in time for Memorial Day campers numbering in the 100-teens.

Despite being thrown in head-first, Don and Cheryl showed up eager to learn the village and our camping structure. They took what could have been an overwhelming first weekend in calm, quiet stride, assisting dozens of folks while beginning to establish their village home away from home. We are so pleased to have them come on board, and we appreciate their willingness to jump in and help wherever needed.

There you go – another six examples of people in key village roles who play them well!