Prairie Village News 5/29/2015

By Stan Rauch, Manager

June is about upon us and we have a busy schedule of events during the month. The Miss Prairie Village/Miss Prairie Princess Pageant is on the 7th, the Northern Bull Riding Tour on the 12th, and the Prairie Village Variety Show on the 21st.

With the three upcoming events in June, now is a good time to purchase season passes so you can take full advantage of the money savings that they provide throughout the season.

Starting on Sunday the 7th and through August, church services will be conducted at 8:00 a.m. at our Prairie Village church on the northwest side of the grounds. The services are provided by area pastors or lay leaders that generously donate their time and energy to provide the services in the historic church that was built in 1906 in Junius. We welcome and encourage the public to join us for these services.

We had a record number of campers over Memorial Day weekend. Camping fever seems to have taken hold of folks and we look forward to hosting a large number of campers over the summer. Reservations are not normally required unless multiple units would like to camp adjacent to each other.

Two significant building projects have recently been accomplished at the village. A complete renovation inside and out of the older restroom/shower house was finished just before the Memorial Day weekend. This is now an extremely nice facility.

A new gazebo has been constructed in the same location as the previous one across from the opera house. It is larger, has a strikingly nice appearance, and has an excellent functional design to it.

A lot is happening at the village these days, and more to come