Stan Rauch, Manager

We have a new event scheduled this year, the Prairie Village Variety Show, and it will be held on Sunday, June 22 in the opera house. We are looking for individuals or groups with musical, dance or acting talent to be in the show. There is no fee for the entertainers to perform.

If you are interested in performing in this show, please contact Bev Mader at 480-2633, Donna Mathison at 256-9275 or Gale Pifer at 256-4801. This is not a contest but rather a show for entertainers to showcase their talent.

We have been busy with school tours for the elementary school students the past two weeks and they will continue into early June as the Minnesota schools close out a bit later than here in South Dakota. It’s always a hectic but fun time for us here at the village.

We had a graduation reception last weekend and the first wedding of the season will take place this Saturday. We are seeing an increase in the utilization of our facilities as they are available for reunions, business meetings, weddings and other group gatherings.

There will be a substantial number of campers with us this Memorial Day weekend and we have plenty of space for more. Admission to the main Prairie Village grounds is included in the camping fee except during special events. So it’s a great way to camp and have the opportunity to check out all of the village’s historic buildings and their artifacts too.