Prairie Village News 5/2/17

Faron Wahl, Manager

For those who like to shop, there have never been more ways to get it done. You can visit your locally-owned business (excellent choice), major chain stores, outlets, or peruse a never-ending parade of online options. And then there are auctions.

There’s nothing quite like an auction. Many of us with rural backgrounds have a solid appreciation, but the appeal extends to most every walk of life. There’s something uniquely attractive about the surprise of what you’ll find to bid on, how many others present may or may not also be interested, and where that final bid will plateau.

The annual consignment auction at Prairie Village has grown to be a favorite of many in the region, and it’s coming up this Saturday, May 6 at 10:00 am. The list of consigned items grows daily at We will take consignments right up through Friday, May 5 with a hard cutoff of 8:00 pm (please be well ahead of that if at all possible).

Auctions are an easy way to pick up items you’re looking for, and it all happens outside in the fresh air without pounding any pavement. Consider the retail scenario that plays out on Black Friday every year. Bargain shoppers line up or pitch their tents outside stores as early as two or three days before Thanksgiving braving weather, hunger, and hard ground, all in the name of looking to score a deal days later.

No need to lose that kind of sleep or meals in advance of an auction. Just show up before the sale to browse rows of good stuff, get yourself a bidding number, and you’re in business.

Black Friday produces trampling and fistfights in a handful of locations every year, all in the process of advancing to a wearying checkout line for ringing up exactly the price you knew about. Dangerous yet dull. Auctions, on the other hand, carry a curious simplicity. Pricing is conveyed by the auctioneer’s skillful cry, assistants call out the bids, and when the word “sold” rings out, a legal transaction has taken place. So simple, yet so much fun.

Just one precaution: As the old mantra goes, during those moments when bids are flying, it’s advisable to avoid waving at your neighbor or scratching your ear. That’s a good way to accidentally pick up a table saw when what you really came for was that riding mower. But who knows? You might go home perfectly happy you bought the table saw too.

My beloved mother nearly experienced this a few years ago at an event with an intermission auction. I was taking bids in front of several thousand people, and – bless her – Mom spotted me and waved a big, loving wave towards me. I wouldn’t trade my sweet mom’s public acknowledgment for anything, but she nearly bought herself a $200.00 decorative sign I happen to know she had no interest in whatsoever. Good thing she is so good-natured, as she’ll never hear the end of this.

Point is…. this whole auction thing is a great way to buy stuff you want, and it’s truly fun. For all the legally binding rules tied to retail sale, credit cards, UPC scanners, and related disclosures, an auction bidder’s nod or wave – tied to an auctioneer’s declaration “sold” – equals a simple and very legal purchase. You can’t beat that.

So, come out and join us this Saturday for a fantastic auction featuring tractors, equipment, parts, vehicles, boats, lumber, mowers, and a great deal of industrial consignments. The weather is looking to be just dandy, we’ll have food for sale, and our gift shop will be open for business as well. I believe you’ll have a fun day with us.

Just be careful scratching your ear.