Opera House

Prairie Village’s Opera House featured on KDLT TV
A $200,000 renovation of Prairie Village’s Lawrence Welk Opera House was completed in 2014 and featured on KDLT TV News in mid-June. Check out the story by viewing the following video created by KDLT TV Sioux Falls.

The opera house at Prairie Village was constructed in 1912 in nearby Oldham, SD (approximately 22 miles northwest of Prairie Village). It was built in commemoration of the Socialist Party, and was initially named the “Socialist Hall”. It was constructed through donations from area citizens and party locals. Later, the prefix “-ist” was dropped from the name, and it became known simply as the “Social Hall”.

Famous bandleader Lawrence Welk’s very first stage performance occurred in this building during the 1920’s in Oldham, while he was still quite young and yet unknown to all.
When the building was moved to its now permanent home at Prairie Village in 1970, it was renamed the “Lawrence Welk Opera House” in Mr. Welk’s honor, with his express permission and enthusiasm.

Now over 120 years old, the Opera House has hosted during its lifetime thousands of programs, performances, dances, social gatherings, and meetings. As the flagship historic building at Prairie Village, many events continue to be featured in this grand, historic venue.

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