Junius Church

The Junius Church with a Rainbow to the east.
The Junius Church

This church was founded, cornerstone laid, and dedicated in the summer of 1906 in the community of Junius, SD. Membership was originally Methodist Episcopalian but soon became the religious center for the entire community.

In as early as 1876 people were meeting in private homes for worship. Then Reverend John Oakley arrived in 1906 and preached in the Hammer School until the completion of the church. In 1911 the parsonage and church barn were completed. Soon after Reverend and Mrs. Ebert arrived with there prize driving team.

The automobile made it possible for the members to attend larger churches in other communities. July 1967 the church was moved to its present location in Prairie Village. E.N. (Ben) Sorenson had bought the church and donated it to the Village.

Mrs. Susie Vickere (deceased in 1979) served as a pastor in the church at Junius. She also served on the first Board of Trustees of the Church at Prairie Village. Reverend Vickere was a resident of Madison.

Church Furnishing Were Donated By

Split Rock Congregation, Brandon, SD:   Organ

St. John Lutheran Church, Madison, SD:   Pulpit, Baptismal Font, Alter Linens, Hymnal

St. John Lutheran Church, Madison, SD:   Board

Churches of Surrounding Areas:   Hymnals

George Demaray:   Pews

Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Hostrup:   Cross and Candlesticks

Mrs. Lester Richardson:   Piano

Mrs. Lewis Bogue:   Alter, Rug and A Bible in memory of her father Mr. Wood. Her parents were the first couple to be married in the Church, August 18, 1910.

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